Solitude and superb fly fishing at a World Class Destination - PATAGONIA ARGENTINA

Argentina Fly Fishing: 7 world-renowned Lodges - 8 legendary rivers - town programs out of San Martin de los Andes

Quemquemtreu Lodge San Huberto Lodge Tipiliuke Lodge Arroyo Verde Lodge Collon Cura Lodge Rio Quillen Lodge Alumine River Lodge
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My name is Pablo Zaleski. I am a full time fly fishing guide and outfitter for the NorthWest Section of Patagonia Argentina since 1999, where the most beautiful dry fly fishing rivers I ever fished are.
I always try to position myself on the other side, your side...... a fisherman that probably never visited our country before, searching and trying to gather some information about Patagonia Argentina.
How is the trout fly fishing? What to expect from the Argentineans... is it safe, civilized?... What about service and guides? Are they knowledgeable and qualified? Experienced, friendly, patient, English speaking?
Tons of information will fall out from your search-browser if you type in Argentina fly fishing, or fly fishing in patagonia and you found this site offering some info.... it is still just a web site... is someone behind all this photos and text?
  For us "the smaller outfitters" is very hard to fight "the big fly shops and international outfitters" that are selling hundreds of travel/fishing packages to Argentina....  
BUT... what do they really know about this location....they visited the area maybe once or twice and they know the guides, the rivers, the flies that we use, which river is better/When......? Are they selling the best itinerary or just a combination of vacancies at the lodges?....... Do they really care?
  I always have in mind the idea of keeping the outfitting & guiding services small, very personal and professional. Most of my clientele have contacted me because someone else told them about our services, so " word of mouth" still is my best promotion tool. Pablo Zaleski professional fly fishing guide since 1999
I understand how hard it can be to trust a face in a web site, but I will be very happy to personally answer all the necessary questions to make you feel comfortable and safe to book a trip with us. I will be happy to provide referalls of people that had fished with us before (real names and contact info).
I invite you to discover the beauty of this unique place, nearby the Andes mountain range, surrounded by magical views and wild nature, comfortable warm weather, and the most important, having access to some of the finest trout fly fishing around the globe.
You will find solitude and superb fishing while you enjoy the Argentine hospitality , great food with red wines. Tailor made and easy schedules lodging in great accommodations, whether you choose to stay in Town or Estancias (ranches).
Non Fishermen are always welcome. Other activities can be easily programmed. Enjoy bird watching (birding), horse-back riding, hiking and exploring wonderful landscapes and Lanin National Park. Take a tour through the “Seven Lakes Road”, a breath-taking experience. Golf in a brand new Jack Nicklaus & Jack Nicklaus II, 18 holes par 72 golf course, and more!
We are passionate fly fishermen, anxious and exited about sharing our fantastic country and fishing with you!
We promise we will make of this, your greatest fly fishing vacation ever!
  Pablo Zaleski
Outfitter & fly fishing guide since 1999
passionate fisherman forever !
  Check out our newest fly fishing videos and slide shows below (click on the image)!
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Intrroduction to "Fly Fishing ACTION" Fshing with inch worms! Rising trout "Hook it!" more to come soon! more to come soon! more to come soon!
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