A favorite fishing program for groups and families!

Through the years we have discovered the way to do these camping trips as comfortable as possible and fun all the way!

I have to say that this program has become one of the most popular ones for groups and families looking to discover Patagonia Argentina through a unique and natural way, fully connected with nature, away from crouds, enjoying great food and the best Argentine wines. PLUS, of course, catching lot's of trout!

the middle Limay campsite photo
Why would you Float & Camp?
The number one reason is, without a doubt, the fact that we cover lot’s of great fishable water and you get to fish areas where there is very limited public access, translating into "superb fly fishing". Most of the rivers we float run into private access valleys, so during most of the float you are drifting through areas that are not accessible by the general public, so it is very unusual to see other anglers.

A liftime experience
Sharing the camping trip with friends or family will be something you'll never forget. An experience of a lifetime! Good or bad weather, great to slow fishing, it’s going to be something you will always remember! Fun all the way!

Access to see wild life
A unique approach to an almost untouched nature. The Wildlife will surprise you! Red deer, wild boar, armadillos, foxes, lama (guanacos)..... lots of different birds : Condors, herons, eagles, Ibises, gueese, kingfishers and many more .... (Note: There are no snakes in Patagonia!)

Red stag followed across the Collon Cura river photo

Float through unique natural scenes, from higher valleys with wind and water eroded rock-cliffs to wide open areas, with willow trees lining the banks and easy-to-wade crystal clear water.
The trip will be also a great experience for those who do not fish. They will be amazed by our beautiful river valleys and country.
Very civilized camping settings!!!
Tent setting for 2 anglers

Our campsites are very comfortable and complete:

A camper will float ahead with a cargo raft, taking all the camping gear, coolers with the food for the dinners, drinks, etc. He will wait for us at every camping area, with all the details ready.

photo from tents from the Chimehuin River Campsite

ONE Tent every 2 anglers with air mattresses, sleeping bags, towels, soap, flash lights, etc will be ready for you at your arrival to the camping spot.

The right Equipment
A dinning tent will be also set with a table and comfortable chairs.
A side table with snacks and a mini-outdoors bar will be ready when you arrive every night to each camping spot.

gin and tonics, fernet, and other drinks before dinner

We carry also a generator so we comfortably enjoy the dinner. We place it as far as possible from the camp so we don’t hear it’s noise. (for those who don't like the idea, we just leave it at home) An “Out of Africa” experience!

lamb, chorizos and more ...
Complete and typical meals
we don't like to eat asado cold.... haha!

Nothing like a nice Malbec wine

by the campsite fire
photo of one of the put-in places
Your camping trip won't be the first one for us!

We provide a complete solution for your trip that includes basically all!
Shuttles in-out, cargo raft with a camper-cook and assitant, all meals and drinks, sleeping tents, dinning tent, sleeping bags, cots, flashlights, towels, etc etc.

We will float the best river for your dates and camp only on the authorized camping areas.

"State regulations allow camping in pre-designated areas."

wake up guys! no more siesta!

We have over 15 years of experience!