Best Rivers in Patagonia

Rivers that became Legends

Our home base and fishing grounds are located in the hart of Northern's Patagonia Argentina Lake District area. Offering our anglers not only a great variety of waters, but the chance to fish some of the most famous and legendary rivers in the World.

Many of this rivers stay untouched, runing through unspoiled and semi-wild country. Gin clear and unpoluted waters provide the perfect habitat for rainbow, brown and brook trout that were introduced on the 1900's and their wild genes remained unmodified.

We should not forget to mention that some of our rivers and lakes also hold some beautiful Landlocked Atlantic Salmon adding additonal value to this fishng destinations.

Many anglers consider Northen Patagonia Argentina one of the richest wild-trout fly fishing resource in the world today, that is why they keep coming year after year!

where and which one to fish ?
Northern Patagonia River map
area map showing lodges and rivers

Rivers listed From North to South
1- Quillen River:

A dreamed dry fly fishing river that borns in Quillen Lake, not very far from the first sections we fish. This is a totally natural habitat providing amazing river structure, easy wadding in gin clear waters and predictable hatches. Most of our fishing is done inside private access waters from Estancia Rio Quillen fishing Lodge. This is a unique 7 mile strech of the most incredible sight fishing, predictable hatches and easy wadding structure.

Link to Estancia Rio Quillen Lodge Link to Quillen River Photos Link to Quillen River video Quillen River rainbow trout

2- Malleo River:

Probably THE most Famous dry fly fishing river in Patagonia Argentina, the Malleo begins at Tromel Lake and runs through an extensive valley until it flows into the Alumine River. I would descrive this river as perfect sized, easy wadding, sight fishing and crystal clear waters fishery. San Huberto Lodge is world known beacuse it gathers private access to over 20 miles of this amazing river. Read more about the Malleo....
Link to San Huberto Lodge Link to Estancia Mamuil Malal Link to Malleo River Photos Link to Malleo River video
Malleo River inside San Huberto

3- Alumine River:
It runs from North to South for about 100 miles, before it changes its name into Collon Cura. Begining at Alumine lake acts as a water collector from all the rivers that flow out from the Andes until it meets the Chimehuin and changes its name. We consider that the best sections to fish it, are away from the regular roads reach so we normally offer 2 nights camping trips to fish it. Its a very interesting river, good antion on big dries, and droppers and great on streamers too. But we pay especial attention to it between late December and January when the "green inch-worms hatch".

Link to Alumine River Photos Photo of the Alumine river

4- Collon Cura River:

It is without a doubt one of the most productive rivers in the area, also one of the biggest. The river runs through a dry, flat and wind-water eroded valley. Many of the banks are fully covered by a dense willow forest witch makes a beautiful green / dry contrast that has a unique charm. We can say this river has it all! From great dry fly fishing action to the most fun streamer fishing. It's an all season-river! Great Day floats using private access through Estancia Quemquemtreu or Collon Cura Lodge. Average size trout is probably 16" but trout over 22" are usually caught. Expect lots of action!! Not unusual to catch 20 trout a day per angler.
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Photo of the Collon Cura river

5- Chimehuin River:
The Chimehuin River is considered one of the most famous rivers in Patagonia. The perfect structure of this mid-size gin clear river is the ideal home to a good number of rainbow and brown trout, making the Chimehuin a world-wide renowed fly fishing destination. Average trout run 16" to 20", while 21" to 24" fish are often taken. A Majority of trout are rainbows, followed by browns. There are several options to fish the chimehuin river. Between them, day floats and wade fishing either private access waters from Tipiliuke lodge or 3 Rios Lodge.
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Photo of the Chimehuin river

6- Quemquemtreu River:

A small wade fishing river that runs entirelly inside Quemquemtreu Ranch. Over 15 miles of great spring and early summer waters (November until late December) provide anglers an excellent oportunity to land browns over 24" in small water. I you enjoy fishing upstream and prospecting with a big dry fly, we strongly recommend to try this small river. We normally fish it while we stay at Quemquemtreu Lodge.
Link to Quemquemtreu River Photos Link to Quemquemtreu River video
Photo of the Chimehuin river

Take a look to this early December warm day fishing only with big dry flies: watch HD Video

"Inquire about Early season special prices, usually before December 10th"
7- Middle Limay River:
The biggest river we do trips on and latelly called by many anglers, one of the best fishing rivers in the world.
It's really an icredible fishery, that offers a wide range of fishing options. From small dries to huge streamers looking form massive brown trout that can go over 30".... you can do it all and I insist that is a river for everybody, it all depends on how you fish it!
But, there are a few things to consider when you plan to fish it. Weather makes all the difference, as it does in many other fishing destinations. "Windy days are hard to deal with". But, thats part of the experience and hard to predict.
This is an amazing tail-water fishery guaranteeing consistent flow, temperature, clarity and cleanness at all times. Making it on what we call and "all season river".
from Limay River lodge.
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Photo of the middle limay river

8- Caleufu River:

If you love overnight camping trips, this is an outstanding "early summer" River. It changes a lot through the season, so fishing it too early (like early November) could not be ideal. But from November 15th until the first 10 days of January could be amazing!.
Expect lot of action on big dries and dry-droppers. Avarage trout go from 16" to 18" with oportunities to find some real good size browns!!
There is so much structure to stop and wade fish during the day floats that sometimes it seems that the day is not long enough! Simply beautiful water... feels like you need to fish it all!!!
During the float you'll be targeting pockets, cut-banks, feeding lines, etc. No time to get bored!
Late on the season (mid March on), some minnows run into the lower section towards Alicura lake. Those lower runs offer great wade fishing opportunities especially during that minnows migration.
Link to Caleufu River Photos
Photo of the middle limay river

9- Filo Hua Hum River:

If you enjoy the hunt for a big brown and sight fishing, this one has to go to you bucket list!
This short river connects two lakes. Borns in Lago Nuevo and flows into lago Filo Hua Hum, runing almost privatelly inside Estancia Tres Lagos.
This gin clear waters are home to some trophy brown trout and some big rainbows.
Clearly, not a river to go for numbers! Fish are spooky and they requiere the right cast and drif!
The river runs through a beautiful valley and the scenery is really stuning!

tres lagos lodge link icon Link to Filo Hua Hum River Photos Link to Filo Hua Hum River video
Photo of the filo hua hum river

The best time to fish it goes from November until Late January

10- Traful River:

Unique and legendary because of its history as a world class fly fishing destination and also because of the presence of a good number of Landlock Atlantic Salmon.
The area we fish is all private access water and extremly demanding even for the most expert anglers.
Our record brown landed by a client goes up to 33", really crazy.
Crystal clear waters come out of the Traful lake that combined with the clear color bottoms provide great structure for sight fishing.
Big dry flies, nymphs, mouse patterns and with the last hour of light some big streamers will be hitting some deep pockets and drop-offs, looking for the jumbo browns, rainbows and salmon that don't move earlier during the day.
Its all wade fishing. Some sections are really easy to wade, but others have bigh and slepery rocks, so its not a river for every angler!
Scenery and Arroyo Verde Lodge is simply beautiful
Arroyo Verde lodge link icon Link to Traful Limay River Photos Link to Traful River video
Photo of the Traful River